6 Ways Sex Can Make You Healthier

You're probably not thinking about your health when you're in bed, between the sheets, and about to get down and dirty. No, the last thing on your mind is probably the health benefits of sex.

But there are actually many surprising ways a regular romp in the bedroom can make you healthier. Here are a few you might not expect.


Sex increases intimacy. When you have sex (and an orgasm), your body releases oxytocin, which has been dubbed "the love hormone." Oxytocin elicits feelings of love and trust and helps us bond with our partner. Those are all great things.

Healthy hearts. Turns out that having sex more than twice a week reduces the risk of having a fatal heart attack! Who knew that sex was good for your heart both figuratively and literally?

Forget Tylenol -- sex is a natural painkiller. When we release oxytocin during sex, our endorphins increase as our pain declines. So if you're not "in the mood" because you have a headache, try having sex anyway! It can help relieve you of those nasty headaches or muscle aches.

You get less sick. Having a good sex life can mean that you have better physical health. Why? Having sex every week has been linked to higher levels of a certain antibody, which in turn can help you fight off colds and other infections.

Why work out? Have sex instead. Sex burns calories. Thirty minutes of sex can burn more than 85 calories. Sure, that number sounds low, but think about it in the long run -- after a handful of romps in the bedroom, you can lose some serious poundage.

Sex busts stress. One of the most important benefits of a healthy sex life is that it lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. And in this day and age? We can use all the stress busters we can find.

Does this list surprise you? Are you amazed by all the benefits of a healthy sex life?


Image via katerha/Flickr

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