Adorable Couple Marries at Local Walmart (VIDEO)

walmart weddingWe've heard about couples getting married in the specific restaurant where they first met, or the drive-thru of a coffee shop where they fell in love, but these two love birds take the cake. They tied the knot at their local Walmart in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Susan was a cashier at the discount retail store and Wayne was a customer. He'd come in every now and again and chat up his lady love until one day, she agreed to go out with him. The rest is history.

Wayne and Susan decided they wanted to wed at Walmart because it's where all Susan's friends work, and where the spark between she and Wayne grew into a burning inferno of undying love. My words, not theirs.


It's very sweet. Susan told the local news station that "I love him and I'm going to stay with him for a long, long time." And it's really as simple as that.

No need for an expensive dress, or a fancy venue, or a big ole cake; all you really need to marry the one you love is, well, love. A lot of us get so caught up in what a wedding should and shouldn't be -- yes to ecru table cloths, no to parquet dance floor -- that we forget that we're not marrying for the party (or the control over the party) but because we want to spend the rest of our lives with a man that makes us really, really happy.

It doesn't matter if you do it in a Vera Wang gown at the Breakers, or in Wrangler jeans at the Walmart. It doesn't matter if you ride off into the sunset in a convertible, or in one of those little electronic scooters they have at the front of the store.

Point is, Wayne and Susan rock.

How important was the location of your wedding to you?


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