Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Reveal Their Secret to Lasting Love

robert pattinson kristen stewartRobert Pattinson comes off as the perfect boyfriend, but sometimes, you have to wonder if that's just the result of Hollywood smoke and mirrors. What I mean is that as one of the most beloved leading men in movies today, his on-screen image may influence his real life rep as a chivalrous gentleman. But is it true? Is he really as romantic, sweet, and thoughtful as he appears?

The answer is resoundingly YES* (*at least if you can believe what you read in Life & Style). The tabloid is reporting that during a lovely, pre-Valentine's sushi date in Sherman Oaks, RPattz and KStew were spied being extremely cute with one another. An eyewitness reports, "Rob poured soy sauce for Kristen [Stewart], which is a Japanese tradition, and even opened her chopsticks." Kinda makes your heart skip a beat, huh?

And there's more ...


The magazine reports that after their adorable dining experience, the Twilight sweethearts went to the American Vintage and Iguana Vintage Clothing store across the street from the restaurant, and "they were making out and had their hands in each other’s back pocket ... Kristen tried on T-shirts and Rob was telling her how awesome she looked," according to another source.

Wow, they really come off as so heart-warmingly teen-like in their affection for one another. (Perhaps the result of playing characters who are stuck in their teen years eternally?)

But no matter how you feel about mushy or overtly cutesy PDAs, you gotta admit, these two are on to something: It's the little things that make romance thrive in a relationship, especially in the long-run. We can safely guess Rob and Kristen have been together for aboooout four-ish years now, and yet, he's still got the first date-like moves down and is bathing her in compliments galore.

Sometimes I'll see seniors walking hand-in-hand down the street in my neighborhood, and I'll gush, "Awww!" and think, YES. That is how it is done. Always appreciating one another and remembering doing sweet, thoughtful, simple gestures for one another seems like a major key to keeping love alive.

So, if we ever had any doubts in our minds that Rob wasn't all he's cracked up to be in real life, this news is proof positive that he totally is. What's more, he's proving chivalry and true romance don't just exist on-screen. How much do we love him for that?

How are you and your partner at keeping romance alive with simple, thoughtful gestures?

Image via Dave Hogan/Getty

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