Why Women (Sometimes) Fake It

Guys, let me let you in on a little secret. Sometimes, we fake it.

I know, I know. It's shady and you don't like it. But sometimes, it just happens.


Well, there are lots of reasons women (sometimes) fake orgasms. Here are a few of the most common:


We're afraid of losing control -- We've got the perfect shoes, the perfect hair, the perfect car, and the perfect job. We're used to being in control. But an orgasm? That signifies a HUGE loss of control for us, where you'll see us at our most vulnerable. It's scary. So instead of losing control, we fake it.

We're afraid of something else -- Maybe we're thinking, "Oh shit, I hope I don't get pregnant" or "Oh shit, did I finish that report at work?" Whatever it is, it's preventing us from truly getting our rocks off because we can't even begin to concentrate on sex.

We don't know how -- Yeah, that's kinda embarrassing to admit, but sometimes our genitals confuse even us. Unlike dudes, we don't usually grow up masturbating -- we're often in our 20s before we learn how to please ourselves. So we fake it because we don't know how NOT to.

We want you to feel better about the sex -- Sometimes, we don't want to have to explain why we didn't reach the Big O. Sometimes, see, it's not so easy for us to hit that sweet spot every time we romp around in the bedroom. That doesn't mean we don't like sex or didn't enjoy ourselves. We just didn't quite make it.

We're ready to be done -- Sometimes, guys, we're just TIRED. We've been dealing with a mess of sick kids, we had to work late, and the house! The house needs cleaning like you wouldn't believe. So while we WANT to be in the mood, we're not because we're just plain old tired. So we fake it to get it over with without hurting your feelings.

Do you fake it? Have you faked it? Would you fake it?


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