4 Communication Pitfalls in Relationships -- and How to Fix Them

No relationship is perfect. We all know this. We're not perfect and therefore our relationships will never be perfect either.

That's okay. That's normal.

But success in relationships -- romantic and otherwise -- have a lot to do with proper communication. In fact, most relationship problems are caused by poor communication.

Here are the top communication issues in romantic relationships and how to work through them:


The Problem: Misunderstanding words and actions. It's really easy to misinterpret your partner's words, emails, gestures, and actions to mean something other than what he or she intended. We're all human -- it happens.

The Solution: Don't immediately jump to conclusions. Instead of assuming you know what the other is thinking, ask for clarification. Continue asking for clarification until you understand what your partner is really saying.

The Problem: You don't talk enough. In a long-term relationship, most of us eventually hit a point where we feel we don't communicate much any more. We don't hang out. We have our routines (wake up, shower, dress, go to work, come home), and most don't involve the other person as much as they should.

The Solution: There's a simple fix for not communicating enough: recognizing that you're no longer communicating like you once did and talking more. Create some alone time to carve out for just the two of you.

The Problem: You're avoiding certain topics with your partner. Perhaps this is the reason that you're not talking to one another anymore. Maybe you're upset with your partner. Either way, you don't feel like discussing it, so instead, you clam up and say nothing. Your walls go up as a way of avoiding the issue.

The Solution: You're not benefiting your relationship in any way by avoiding problems. Instead of retreating and putting up big walls, take a long hard look at the issues and face them together. This way, you can work together to come up with a solution.

The Problem: You need to be right. We've all had those times when we couldn't back down from an argument. We're right, we know it, and we have to prove it. So we pick a fight (or continue to beat a dead horse) until we feel we've won.

The Solution: Being right isn't as important as having open lines of communication. Being willing to see things from another point of view may not change how you feel, but it does give you the incredible opportunity to learn.

What other advice do you have about communication issues in relationships?


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