It's Confirmed: Valentine's Day Robs Men Blind

valentine's day wishesHey you attached ladies. Right now, as you wrap up for the day at work and/or put the kids down for a nap and/or return from picking them up from school, your DH/SO/BF is likely out there at the mall/candy store/drugstore/florist picking up approximately $168.74 worth of clothing, jewelry, and other gifts for you for Valentine's Day. That's what the National Retail Federation has found at least. Overall, everyone's expected to shell out $17.6 billion for the Hallmark holiday. Seeing a number like that's probably enough to make you want to stop in your tracks, pick up your cell, and text your man, "NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!! STOOOOP!" ... right? Or maybe not. Maybe you spend the same or more on him?

Doubtful. The NRF also found that $168.74 is nearly double the amount women will spend on their guys. Excuse moi? Is it just me or is that stat totally disheartening? Yeah, I'm all about ladies being treated like royalty by their men, but since when did this holiday become another "her day"? 


As someone expecting to walk down the aisle soon, I keep hearing that the day we get married will be "my day," "the bride's day," etc. And as much as I'd love a day devoted to ME (yeah, who wouldn't?!), that's always struck me as totally off. What, am I marrying myself? Nooo. As far as I'm concerned, it will be our wedding day. The day we marry one another. My version of "my day" will be the day my first novel comes out. That will be all about me, but a wedding day will be about us. And I'm pretty damn sure Valentine's Day is supposed to be more like a wedding day. 

In that it's supposed to be about appreciating one another and celebrating your love for one another, no? Sure, women probably secretly or not so secretly care more about how V-Day goes over than guys do, but I'm sure no man is going to balk at the idea of being gifted as well or as extravagantly.

What's more, what's with all this cash-dropping anyway? Most serious couples share assets -- either directly through the same checking account (usually once you're married) or even indirectly if you live together -- so doesn't it just seem sort of silly to be spending almost $170 of joint moolah on materialistic crap? Wouldn't it make more sense to do something together, even if it's just going out to dinner or sharing a bottle of wine you both love or watching a favorite movie at home?

It's just that I don't recall when Valentine's Day got renamed Girlfriend/Wife Appreciation Day. Hey, not that I'd dispute a holiday like that, too (or maybe that should just be every day, huh?). But Valentine's Day was designed for lovebirds, and what's the point of celebrating a couples' holiday if you're not both going to give 100 percent?

Do you expect Valentine's Day to be all about you, or do you give as much as you receive?

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