Olympic Swimmer Proposes Poolside to Shocked Girlfriend (VIDEO)

swim proposalGood news, America. Two of our hottest and bestest Olympic swimmers have just gotten engaged. Woo! Matt Grevers, who took home the silver medal for the 100-meter backstroke in Beijing, proposed to US national swimming teammate Annie Chandler during a swim event in Missouri over the weekend. It's not only excellent and happy news for the couple and their families, it's great news for the good ole US of A, too. These two thoroughbreds are going to spawn some freakishly talented swimmers, which means we could potentially be bringing home some major gold in the 2030s and '40s. USA! USA!

But setting aside all our phenom swim spawn hopes, the proposal itself is beyond sweet. Matt popped the question on the medal stand. Winning.


(And yeah I still say "winning" so don't worry about it.)

Apparently, he'd wanted to do it after Annie swam her breaststroke event, but she finished fifth, and he didn't feel like it was the right time then. I'm sure she wasn't in a great mood, so it's wise he held off. He eventually decided to go for it right after she gave him the gold medal on the podium for his win. He got down on one knee, everyone cheered, and the rest is history.

Good thinking on Matt's part -- proposing after he'd just won a race is a smart move. It would be impossible to say no to a 6'8" hot guy with rippling abs and a gold medal around his neck.

I hope he and Annie are really happy together. I hear that a couple who swims together, stays together. And no pressure or anything, but I look forward to their children kicking ass in the pool for the red, white, and blue a few years down the road.

Watch their poolside engagement:

What was your engagement like?


Photo via USASwimmingOrg/YouTube

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