Cheap Flowers Are the Last Thing Women Want on Valentine's Day

carnationsI've always suspected that most of us ladies will readily admit to ourselves and one another that we think Valentine's Day is a ridiculous holiday, one that really doesn't deserve much attention at all. Yet, at the same time, we're telling our guys not to screw it up. We want to be gifted. Not with anything huge, extravagant, pricey, or fancy necessarily. We just want something more than cheesy chocolates or cheap flowers ... which, believe it or not, is what some 73 percent of men are thinking about doing as a last resort for their loved one at this very moment. Ugh!

Waiting until the last minute is bad enough. Sure, we're all guilty of it at one time or the other, and for a holiday that triggers as many (or sometimes more) eye rolls as it does warm-fuzzy emotions, I can certainly understand being a procrastinator. But that just means giving a woman what she desires is going to be even more difficult ...


Because all we actually want is a gift that has some thought behind it. Cheap-o flowers -- especially carnations (cringe) -- are the ultimate "I don't give a crap" solution. A guy may think he's just saying he doesn't care about Valentine's by doing the bare minimum, but hello, any woman receiving said crap flowers is going to read it as him not giving a flying foil-wrapped, heart-shaped chocolate about her. And all we women really want on Valentine's Day is a sweet reminder that yes, even though it's a silly holiday devoted to love, our guy cares enough to do a little something to go out of his way to acknowledge it. 

That said, I'm a huge proponent of Valentine's Day being a completely reciprocal silly holiday. Ad campaigns that make it all about women being on the receiving end are totally ridic. Every year, I personally attempt to do something cute, simple, funny, and memorable for my boyfriend ... while admittedly, and unabashedly, expecting the same in return.

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How 'bout you -- how do you feel about getting cheap flowers or chocolates for Valentine's? What do you expect/enjoy instead?


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