Here's How to Master the Art of Oral Sex

It's common knowledge that men love to be on the receiving end of oral sex. There are infinite possibilities as to how to give it, which can leave women a little confused -- what's the best way to do it? It's hard to know what feels good ... and what feels great.

Here are some tips for giving your guy amazing oral sex:


Start gently, with your man standing and facing you, as you kneel or squat in front of him -- that way, he can fall back on the bed when the sensations become too intense. Take the shaft of his penis in both of your hands, putting all your fingers on the shaft without touching the head of the penis.

Gently begin to rub the skin, moving your hands back and forth in opposite directions as if you're making a play-doh snake (or starting a campfire). Open your mouth wide so you can fully cover the tip of the penis. When the entire tip is in your mouth, slowly close your lips and begin to suck gently. Use all the areas of your mouth -- tongue, cheeks, and roof -- for about 10 minutes.

Use your tongue to lick back and forth along the shaft, paying special attention to where the shaft of the penis meets the head. Be careful not to use your teeth -- this area is very sensitive.

Begin twirling your tongue at the spot where the shaft meets the head, massaging him with all your fingers. As you begin to put more and more of the shaft into your mouth, you can take the time to gently play with his testicles. Continue the back-and-forth motion while his shaft is inside your mouth. Go a little deeper with each thrust.

It shouldn't take long for him to have a killer orgasm.

Do you have any other tips to share?


Image via bbaunach/Flickr

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