The Divorce Hotel Is Real, and It's Ingenious

divorceI hate the idea of divorce not for romantic reasons, but for logistical ones. Man, nothing sounds worse to me than arguing back and forth about money, property, custody, etc., and dealing with lawyers, and dealing with paying lawyers, and dealing with dealing with lawyers ... sounds like a nightmare. Obviously, most people agree. No one's like, Oh sweet let's end our marriage except maybe a Kardashian or two, but I don't know if I'd categorize them as "people", though, so yeah, safe to say divorce is universally hated.

But! There's hope. Some smarties over in the Netherlands came up with a brilliant idea to help couples going through a split. They've built a Divorce Hotel.


Much like the name implies, it's a hotel that specializes in couples seeking a divorce. So you check-in for a weekend with your soon-to-be ex, you meet with a mediator and lawyers, you split all your assets and agree on custody and alimony and visitation and all that fun stuff, you have a nice dinner, and you check-out divorced. Boom, done.

The hotel only accepts couples who are still on good terms, so don't go in there expecting to see any major drama unfold right before your eyes. It sounds like it's just a bunch of unhappy married couples sitting around a table and talking about who gets what.

That said, it sounds super productive. Divorce can be drawn out for months, even years in some cases. Why go through that personal hell when you can rip the Band-Aid off over one weekend? I think Holland is on to something. Speed divorcing is the new speed dating. I approve.

Would you consider the Divorce Hotel if you were going through a split?


Photo via roland/Flickr

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