35 Brutally Honest Reasons Men Say No to Sex

no signIt may be hard to believe, but men say no to sex sometimes, too. Oh yes, sometimes even the most promiscuous loverboy pulls the old "I have a headache" excuse and it's really code for something darker or potentially hurtful or even shocking. Even more shocking than some of the responses I got on "35 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Say No to Sex."

Because I featured the women's real excuses, I felt it fair to let our masculine counterparts spill their secrets. I polled many men, some were afraid to share, others ... well, they showed no mercy.

Brutally honest can be brutal, so ladies, just know this may be a hard one to (ahem) swallow. These are the real reasons men say no to sex.

  1. I feel fat.
  2. You got fat and I'm not finding you attractive anymore.
  3. I drank too much whiskey and that means my dick will be useless.
  4. I think I'm about to have a herpes outbreak.
  5. I'm too tired out from having sex with someone else last night.
  6. I don't have a condom and I'm afraid you have a disease.
  7. The last girl I had sex with got pregnant and I'm scared of that happening again.
  8. I'm just not that into you.
  9. You just had our baby and I need time to sort out my emotions.
  10. You just lay there when we have sex and that's not enough for me.
  11. You said no to me last night so I'm saying no to you tonight.
  12. Work is stressing me out and that's all I can think about.
  13. Your breath smells.
  14. Because I just watched you take a poop because you left the door open and that's not exactly something that puts me in the mood.
  15. You give bad head.
  16. There's a piece of toilet paper stuck in your bush.
  17. You hurt my feelings when you told your friend that our sex only lasts eight minutes.
  18. I'm intimidated by the amount of sexual partners you had before me.
  19. I don't think my penis is big enough for you.
  20. The sex faces you made the last time freaked me out.
  21. Because you have your period and I think that's gross.
  22. I've been having trouble getting hard and I don't want to deal with it.
  23. You are way too aggressive.
  24. I'm depressed. I think I need help.
  25. You seem depressed and I think you need help.
  26. You don't want to try new things and I'm tired of the same old with you.
  27. Because I want anal and you keep saying no.
  28. You don't seem to enjoy yourself when we have sex and you don't tell me what I can do to make you enjoy it.
  29. Because we aren't connecting much lately, we barely talk, and I need that too.
  30. You treat me like shit. Why would I want to have sex with you?
  31. Because you are too bossy.
  32. You lied about what you spent that money on (and other things) and that makes me not interested in you sexually.
  33. Because you take too long to come and I just want a quickie.
  34. I'm tired of you saying "stop" or "don't do that."
  35. Because you are acting like my mother, not my lover.


Image via marc falardeau/Flickr

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