5 Insanely Expensive Valentine’s Day Gifts You’ll Fantasize About

valentine's dayWe learned yesterday that women don't really want anything for Valentine's Day other than a little help around the house, and while I totally agree that some household aid is preferable to any sort of tangible gift, that does not prevent my imagination from running wild. Really wild. Maybe it has something to do with the Powerball ticket that's burning a hole in my pocket or these damn Goop emails that infiltrate my inbox and my brain, but I've been day dreaming about some fantasy Valentine's Day gifts.

If money were no object, if you could have anything your little heart desired, what would you want? Here are 5 over-the-top insanely expensive gift ideas to get the fairyland wheels turning.


Know what I'd like most for V day? A little respite from the daily grind. And what better way to unwind then in my backyard yurt. For $75,000, this luxury tent comes with a chandelier and is filled with designer down-filled pillows. Ahhh.

nm yurt
Rainier Yurt Dream Folly, $75,000

Maybe you're more a box of chocolates kind of lady, so what about some of Switzerland's finest chocolate topped with edible 24kt gold? Mmmm.

expensive chocolatea
DeLaffee's luxury chocolate box, $340

If you liked the gold chocolates, you love this. Here's a 14kt gold iPhone case. Perfect for getting an arm workout in while you're on the phone with your real estate agent who's just found you the most perfect beach front property in Malibu.

gold iphone case
Miansai gold iPhone case, $10,000
Feeling like you want something a little more snuggly? How about the world's most expensive teddy bear? At $84,000, this cutie pie comes with a mouth made of solid gold and a fur made of gold thread.

teddy bear
Steiff teddy bear, $84,000
Or maybe you'd prefer to dance and sing along to some of your favorite tunes. Word is that a private Beyonce concert runs about $1 million. Have her perform in your backyard, then invite her into your yurt for some champagne and chit chat.

Private Beyonce concert, $1 million
What would you want if you a) had to pick something tangible and b) cost didn't matter one bit?


Photo via A National Acrobat/Flickr; Claudio Morioto/Flickr, courtesy photos


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