Russell Brand's Actions in Divorce Speak Louder Than Words

russell brandMaybe it's his height, or his strapping jawline, or that irresistible accent, but I've always thought Russell Brand was a stand up kind of guy. Now there's "evidence" of that -- a source told TMZ that Russell's not going after any of soon-to-be ex-wife Katy Perry's money. She reportedly earned $44 million while the two were married and although Russell is legally entitled to half, he's not going for it. All he wants is the money he earned during their 14 month union, which is obviously more than fair.

Divorce is hard enough as it is, add in millions of dollars and a lack of pre-nup and things could get nasty. But not in Russell and Katy's case. Sounds like their split is going smoothly, which is certainly something to be proud of.


In a way, an amicable divorce would sort of validate the marriage. It's weird to think that the difficult end to something could justify the beginning, but if I were to ever get a divorce, I think I'd be proud if the process was friendly because that meant that I'd chosen to marry a decent human being who loves/loved me and only, ultimately, wants the best for me. A split without anger, greed, or spite would let me know that my marriage was worth it, even if it failed.

Also, if a man (or woman) said they wanted to split on good terms then went after money that wasn't entirely theirs, you'd have to question how genuine they were. In this case, Russell's actions speak louder than any words.

His and Katy's decision to part ways on good terms really shows that there's a deep down mutual love and respect that won't soon be extinguished. And if a marriage doesn't work out, that's probably the most you can hope for -- a shared esteem and regard.

As their divorce proceedings move forward, I hope Russell and Katy continue to stay calm and carry on. But let this be a lesson -- if you've got $44 million in the bank and want to 100 percent guarantee it's not touched, get yourself a pre-nup, and fast.

Have you ever had an amicable split?


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