Katy Perry's Play for Tim Tebow Is Bad News

katy perry performing peacockKaty Perry may be in the middle of a sad public divorce from Russell Brand, but the pop star clearly has no intentions of hiding out while the whole thing blows over. Perry was in Indianapolis over the weekend for the Super Bowl and even took the stage at the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night party, reportedly dedicating her sexual innuendo-packed song, "Peacock" to none other than ... TIM TEBOW! Oh yes, the good Evangelical Christian QB her parents allegedly wanted to hook her up with a few weeks back.

And that's not all. Apparently, while presenting an award at the NFL Honors ceremony earlier on Saturday, she said, "Hey Tim, my parents say 'Hi.'" Flirtatious much? Okay, it could mean nothing. Maybe she's just teasing the media, since everyone jumped on the story that she and Tim were a potential item. But there could be more to it than that ... 


Seems to me Katy's the serial monogamist type. Not long before she met and started dating soon-to-be-ex Brand, she broke off a long-term relationship with Gym Class Heroes lead singer, Travie McCoy. Our fave "Firework" might just be one of those lucky ladies who is never without a bloke, but ehh ... there are quite a few drawbacks to that.

Think about it. For one, do rebound relationships ever really work out? Seems like you're already starting off on the wrong foot if you start going out with someone while you're really still working on getting over someone else. Secondly, I'm a strong believer in taking a time-out to reflect, come to terms with a breakup (especially a biggie like a divorce), and enjoy some time alone as a single person to get to know who you are again without someone in your life.

Yeah, yeah, it's tempting to hop back on the saddle and into a new relationship right after a tough breakup, especially as a coping mechanism! Or I guess when your parents have already seemingly laid the groundwork for you to ask out the hottest QB in the NFL? But as tempted as she may be by Tim's "Peacock," Katy would do better to take a pass for now.

What do you think about these two together? Do you think rebound relationships ever stand a chance?


Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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