Longest-Married Couple Has Secret to Making Love Last (VIDEO)

wilbur faiss looking at photo albumEvery time I hear about a 72-day-long Kardashian marriage, 1.5-year-long Katy Perry union, or even a grand-daddy of star couplings like Cox-Arquette's 11-year-long one falling to pieces, my heart's just a bit crushed. I think, what does it take to make it work?! Are these examples of marriage having become totally obsolete?? The short answer: Nope. Hollywood marriages are still extreme compared to what happens with most couples ... at least that's what I'd like to think. There are many successful marriages out there. We just don't hear about them as much as we do, say, Britney Spears' and Justin Timberlake's dueling engagements. But this week, one amazing, non-celeb couple is totally making headlines, thank goodness!

Married on April 14, 1933, Wilbur and Theresa Faiss are being honored as the longest-married couple by a faith-based organization's annual Longest Married Couple Project contest. They're even primed to be recognized by President Obama.


(Technically, there are other lovebirds who have been married longer, like a couple in New Mexico going on its 83rd anniversary this Valentine's Day, but hey, doesn't make Wilbur and Theresa any less amazing!)

Wilbur, who is 100, and Theresa, now 96, met while roller skating in Illinois. They say they fell in love at first sight, and today, they have -- get this -- three children, six grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and -- wait for it -- FOUR great-great grandchildren. WOWZERS! Not that a family tree like that is the only thing that makes this couple worth celebrating, but it's super-impressive. What else I find adorable: Wilbur's explanation of what marriage is all about:

It’s very simple. It’s give and take and compromise. Every day ask her how she feels and "Is there anything I can do for you?" And say, "Honey, I still love you."

Awww, so cute, and he's right! From what I can tell by growing up with grandparents who were married over 60 years, and my parents who have been married over 35, a successful marriage is actually very simple. It boils down to doing your best to accommodate your partner, loving one another, and always striving for spot-on communication. Oh, and being as patient and compassionate as you can (even when it's really, really hard).

Check out Wilbur telling his love story in his own words ...

Now, how's that for a welcome change from all those heart-sinking Hollywood marriages, huh!

Do you agree with Wilbur and Theresa's take on a successful marriage?


Image via KVVU via ABCLocal.go.com

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