How to Master the Woman-on-Top Sex Position

It's one of those sex positions that can be totally hot -- the woman on top. It can feel better for you, allow you more control over the speed and depth of the experience, and let your partner to see you in all your sexy glory. So you know about all the good things that come with being on top. What about the bad?

It's one of those positions that can be very tricky to pull off. Here are a few tips to help you master it:


First Thing's First -- Have your guy lie on his back on the bed (or wherever you happen to be). Slowly climb on top until you are straddling him with your legs on either side of his hips.

Prepare for Entry -- Once you're in position, you can begin to tease him. When he's ready, grab his penis and, using the bed (or back of the couch) for support, lower yourself so you're inside him.

Keep on Rocking -- Continue bracing yourself with one hand on the headboard as you begin to slowly move up and down, building up some steam. If that's too awkward a position (it may require a little bit of practice), simply rock your hips in slow circles while he's inside you. He can help you if he holds onto your hips and guides you in circles.

Free Play -- While you're rocking up and down or side to side, you can put your man's hands on your breasts, which always feels fantastic.

Adjusting -- Be careful about moving too forcefully -- you don't want to bend him uncomfortably. And be prepared to have him occasionally pop out of position. Simply put him back inside and keep going.

Practice Makes Perfect -- Just like anything else, the woman-on-top position requires some practice before you get it right. But once you do, you may never want to go back!

Any other tips for mastering the woman-on-top sex position?


Image via kyz/Flickr

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