6 Sex Toys to Keep a Relationship Steamy

A lot of people get squeamish about sex toys -- it may be hard to talk to your partner about masturbation. I mean, it's a solo act, right? Sometimes guys get all jealous and bent out of shape when we use our sex toys rather than have sex with them.

But does it have to be all or nothing? Do we have to use sex toys alone ... or can we involve our partner?

Turns out, we can.

Here are six sex toys you can use to keep your sex life sizzling.


1. Fuzzy Handcuffs. No, not the ones that police use (unless you're into that), but the sweet, soft, fuzzy ones that won't chafe your wrists. Use them to tie up your partner anywhere there's a place to do so: the headboard of your bed, a kitchen chair ... the possibilities are endless.

2. Adult Board Games. It's pretty awesome to get your motor running well before you get your rocks off, so how about an adult board game? It can play with your imagination as well as turn you and your partner way on.

3. Edible Body Paint . This is NOT your kid's paint. This is deliciously flavored, pretty colored, and tastes fantastic. Simply squeeze, brush and play. Be sure to put down a towel, in case it gets a little messy.

4. Flickering Touch Massage Candle. This candle not only provides some romantic light but also becomes a delicious massage oil. It's perfect for foreplay and getting hot and bothered with your partner.

5. Personal Massager. This is a great vibrator because it can be used solo or with a partner. Your partner can use it on your clitoris, or, you can use it on the shaft of your partner (especially while giving oral pleasure) for an extra kick.

6. The We Vibe. A great personal massager that can be used while having sex. It's hands-free, comfortable and will be a welcome addition to any bedroom.

Do you have any other suggestions for sex toys that couples can use?

Image via je@n/Flickr

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