Cheering for Opposing Super Bowl Teams Can Make Your Marriage Hot

Imagine you are from New England. You have cheered for the Patriots your whole life, your dad is an avid fan, but you marry a man from New York. Now imagine he loves the Giants with the same fervor. Can you get along? Or do you automatically stop speaking to one another in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl?

This is a question quite a few people are facing this Super Bowl. Given how close New England is to New York and given how many Boston versus New York rivalries exist, it isn't surprising that many married couples are going to find their bliss somewhat tainted this week and possibly even into next. For one woman who grew up in Massachusetts with a father who was a season ticket holder to the Pats and who married her college sweetheart -- a Giants player -- this is even more stressful.

Her husband now PLAYS for the Giants. What's a loyal fan to do?


For Rich Cincotta, the dad and Pats fan whose daughter married a Giants player, the answer is just to have fun. He is going to the Super Bowl with his son-in-law so he will cheer for both teams. But for many, this dilemma is no small thing. Some people take fan-dom pretty seriously and this Super Bowl could get ugly. It's like anything else people get passionate about, whether it's politics, exercise, or family values. Yes, people take football that seriously.

But this could be a good exercise, too. Couples spend most of their marriages agreeing on things, and while agreement is lovely for the harmony and comfort of the home, it isn't so great for the sex life. A Super Bowl rivalry could be just the thing to get the engines going if you keep a sense of humor about it.

The fact is, disagreeing can be good for a marriage. It can keep things exciting and passionate and allows couples to see each other in new ways. It can be very hot, indeed. If you let it be.

It's the reason couples like Mary Matalin and James Carville (who must always be trotted out to prove this point) stay hot. As long as you don't hit below the belt, disagreement can be sexy. In the midst of finding ways to root for your own team, you may see something new about your spouse.

Make a game of it and invite people from each opposing camps and put money on it. Make it fun. Why not? Some of the biggest fights lead to the best make-up sex, right?

In all seriousness, this shouldn't be a great divide. It's just football. Enjoy it and, if you win, don't gloat too much.

Is Super Bowl fighting a problem in your house?


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