Trash the Dress Pics Make Wasting Money Look Fabulous (PHOTOS)

Trash the dressA show of hands: who has a couple hundred, maybe even a couple thousand dollars to burn, sometimes literally? As if there just aren’t enough ways to blow money on the grand ol’ affair that is the American wedding, trash the dress photo shoots are becoming more popular, which in turn makes me more intrigued.

The average walk down the aisle, with all the bells and whistles, already costs about $26,501. (Ouch.) Some brides wear their actual dress, which means anywhere from $200 on up to $2,000 is down the tubes. (And, judging from what I see on Say Yes to the Dress, even more than that.) Others buy another gown specifically to be trashed, which is an added expense — especially if you don’t scoop that bad boy up from the local thrift store.

It may not make the most sense to destroy a dress in the name of individualistic photography for your nuptials, but some of them sure do come out looking hot. Like this:


Trash the dress
OK, I guess that looks like fun?

Trash the dress
A photo shoot should never necessitate stop, drop, and roll
Trash the dress
And then there's this...
Trash the dress
Not even if somebody paid me, but hey--they're happy
Trash the dress
Walking through an NYC subway? Yep. Trashed.
Of course, to some people, the whole shebang is a waste of cash, this fascination we have with weddings. But I say if you’re going to do it, at least make it memorable and, for heaven’s sake, creative. If you’re going to trash a sentimental, expensive-as-all-get-out gown, make the shots mean something. Truth be told, trashing the dress doesn’t necessarily mean you have to trash the dress. Sometimes it ain’t nothing that a little dry cleaning magic and elbow grease won’t get out.

However it came about, Trash the Dress photography is raising eyebrows — and changing the way brides are documenting their journeys to the big day. I’ve yet to be proposed to, much less outfitted in a fluffy confusion of white tulle, satin, or crinoline. If and when I am, I reckon I’ll be one of the more conservative dress trashers, just in case I want to pass the gown down to Girl Child just so she can roundly reject it and poke fun at its old timey-ness.

So would you trash your wedding dress? Even a little bit? 

Images via Samantha Lauren Photographie/Flickr, Marcin Labedzki, altf,inc., 2duce2, Chelsea Nicole

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