Misspelling Leads Couple to Fall in Love (VIDEO)

cartoon at computerRaise your hand if you get annoyed by typos. Yeah, I know you do. We all do. But they happen. And in this adorable case, the typo led two strangers who lived about 8,000 miles apart from each other to fall in love and get married. Makes you think of accidental misspellings in a whole new light, doesn't it?

There was an email that was supposed to get to Rachel P. Salazar in Bangkok, Thailand. But it instead went to Ruben P. Salazar in Waco, Texas, due to the similarities in their names and someone who made a mistake when typing the email in. Ruben, being the gentleman that he is, figured out who the email was supposed to go to and forwarded it along to Rachel.


Ruben, though, added a little note with the forwarded email saying how it was sent to him on an accident, told her to have a great day, and included a P.S: How is the weather?

Slick move, Ruben. But he didn't even realize how good a move it was quite yet. He was just being the nice guy that he is. Rachel, seemingly intrigued, wrote back how the weather was lovely, and included a gracias. The exchanges didn't stop there. These two felt something, so they did the whole You've Got Mail thing that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan did (before Meg changed her face) and things got serious, so they decided to meet, in Texas, even though most of Rachel's friends thought she was a little "foolish."

They were together for eight days. And one night while out dancing, Rachel told Ruben that he was the sweetest guy she has ever met. Ruben got down on his knee right then and asked her to marry him.

Rachel says, "It was the right thing. The best thing."

Could that be any sweeter or more romantic?!

The Salazars (how neat she didn't need to change her last name) made a video with StoryCorps to document their untraditional romance. It's called To R.P. Salazar With Love. Watch it and come to love the typo along with this story.

I think it was fate that made the person to make the typo to bring these two together! What do you think?

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