Double Dates Are the Secret to a Happy Marriage

heartQuick, call up your friends. A new study out of the University of Maryland suggests that married couples who regularly hang out with other couples are happier. Their research concluded that doing things in a foursome (no, not that, get your mind out of the gutter) lets you see your partner having fun and enjoying himself, which ultimately makes him more attractive to you. Socializing not only increases his appeal, they say, but also helps everyone gain a better understanding of the opposite sex.

They do warn about one, slight problem that could arise when you spend a lot of time with another couple, though.


On extremely rare occasions, it can go horribly wrong and one partner could have an affair with another from the set of friends. But really, that's no reason to stay away from forming valuable and beneficial relationships with another couple. If your husband's going to cheat, he's going to cheat. Doesn't matter if you have mutual friends or not, so letting that fear hold you back from being happy would be silly.

In our busy lives, it's necessary to carve out time to socialize not only for our own sanity, but for the sake of our relationships. Something as low-key as grabbing a drink with another couple after work can do wonders for your mood and his. And the researchers say that you don't have to talk about anything serious, the conversation can stay light and superficial. It's the simple act of fun-sharing that's crucial.

The only problem I can see with emphasizing couple friendships in your marriage is that if you overdo it, it might make it feel weird then when you go to do something just the two of you. If you get so used to having your buddies around and fail to connect with your partner on a personal level, when it comes time to have dinner alone or taking a private vacation, you may find yourself feeling awkward, not knowing how to just be yourself when it's one on one.

But as they say, everything in moderation. So make time to hang out together with couple friends and make an effort to spend some quality time alone, too. I think we can handle this, right?

Do you think it's important in your relationship to hang out with other couples?


Photo via Manu H/Flickr

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