Best Man Gives Bride Most Incredible Wedding Present

wedding presentGetting the perfect wedding gift is no easy task. Do you just hand over a wad of cash? Just get that boring but insanely expensive trash can that was on the registry? Or maybe you go rogue and pick up something nice you'd think they'd like, such as a taxidermied baby zebra or a jar full of sunshine. For Stuart Kilgannon of England, the decision of what to get bride Leanne Stefanovic was likely difficult, but ultimately priceless, and has nothing to do with taxidermied animals.

Leanne needed a kidney transplant and Stuart, the best man at her wedding, stepped up to the plate. After numerous family members and friends came back as non-matches, Stu came through big time and selflessly donated his kidney. Now that's a memorable wedding gift. 


Weddings bring together so many different parts of love -- there's obviously the romantic part, then also familial and friendly -- and Stuart's gift to Leanne just emphasizes how love can bring out the best in people. He gave his friends, the bride and groom, such a selfless gift that enabled them to have a more normal life and a more stress-free marriage. Leanne was on dialysis before Stuart's kidney, but now only has to take some pills every day to ensure that her new kidney isn't rejected.

There's no greater gift he could give and I'm sure the Stefanovics have no idea how to repay him. I have a feeling, though, that Stuart's the type of guy who doesn't want anything in return. When you give up an organ, I gotta think you're doing it out of the goodness of your heart and you're not really looking for any sort of return.

So next time you're on the hunt for a wedding present, maybe you should check to see if anyone in the bride or groom's family needs a new body part. No, just kidding, that'd be weird. Just go with the cash. Or zebras.

Have you ever given a wedding present that was really something special?


Photo via torbackhopper/Flickr

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