7 Easy Ways to Attract & Charm a Man

Trying to attract a guy isn't always easy (as we all know!), but it's also not as impossible as it feels sometimes. There are plenty of ways to attract an awesome guy without using your body, but by using your personality instead.

Personality is one of the first things people notice about you and one of the most important parts of a compatible relationship. There are lots of ways to use your wit, personality, and charm to attract a good guy.

Here are some tips.


1. Stand tall and proud. Self confidence is one of the biggest turn-ons out there -- for men and women alike. So, ladies, be confident, be strong, be powerful and proud of who you are. That's bound to turn more than a few heads.

2. Think positively. There's very little that's attractive about someone who is always a Debbie Downer -- as a friend or as a partner. Guys really dig girls who are positive and upbeat, so exude that positive vibration whenever you can!

3. Use your eyes. Eye contact is key. Make sure that when you're talking to a guy you dig, use those eyes. They're the windows to the soul, after all.

4. Smile -- but mean it. It's such an obvious thing to do -- smile -- but it's so important. Acting aloof or bitchy isn't any way to attract a man. So strap on that smile to increase your positivity vibe!

5. Go out in groups of women, but no more than three. Big groups of women can be very hard to approach. Three is a great number because when the guy who's digging on you walks up, your friends can keep his friends company.

6. Dress like you care. No, not all slutty or anything, but dress nicely, like you genuinely care about what you look like. This doesn't mean you need to look like you stepped off a runway (unless, of course, you just did), but just that you care about your appearance.

7. Use your wits. It's time to be charming, sarcastic, and snarky without being a bitch. Guys love a funny girl, and if you've got that special snark, well, they'll fall all over you.

Got any other advice for attracting guys?


Image via Marina Torchiari/Flickr

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