Bride Suffering From Brain Tumor Has Unconventional & Beautiful Wedding (VIDEO)

heather taylor and jimmy new marriage hospitalA 26-year-old breast cancer survivor from Colorado is making news today for what really could only be described as an absolutely heartwrenching turn of events. Heather Taylor was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25, and now has a life-threatening brain tumor, which has spread to her spinal cord. But that hasn't stopped her from saying "yes!" to her boyfriend of two years, Jimmy New, who got down on one knee at the ICU recently and told her there's no one else he'd rather spend the rest of his life with.

Given Taylor's condition, the couple decided to say their "I do"s at the hospital chapel. Not your conventional wedding by far, but in a case like this, true love will always trump tradition.  


I'd have to bet that this couple's story strikes a chord with others on their way down the aisle. For most brides, it's easy to lose sight of what's truly important, at least at some point while planning a wedding. You fall into the trap of worrying what the perfect centerpiece would be or whether you and your sweetie would rather go to Tahiti, Hawaii, or do a cruise. But hearing a story like Heather and Jimmy's is a major reality check. It really puts what a wedding should be about in perspective. Sure, all the trappings of a traditional wedding are fun and fabulous, but we all know the day is really only supposed to be about making that commitment to the person you love -- no matter the time, place, or color scheme.

There's almost nothing more beautiful than seeing two people vow -- in front of all their loved ones -- to stick with one another through sickness and in health for their rest of their lives, however long that should be. Knowing that Jimmy and Heather are now happily married, blissfully Mr. and Mrs. -- in spite of the horrible challenges Heather's had to face -- is truly wonderful. Congrats to them!

Here's a news story about Heather and Jimmy ... (You may want to grab some tissues first.)


Do you agree this puts what a wedding is all about in perspective?


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