10 Awesome Date Ideas That Won't Make You Go Broke

Most of us have been hit by the current economic downturn (and if you haven't, *high five*), which means that finding new and more inexpensive ways to do things is imperative for everything from grocery shopping to dining out to dates.

That leaves a lot of us who aren't as creative (raises hand) to try and figure out new ways to go on dates, given that the 800 million dollar steak dinner is probably not exactly in our budget anymore. But there's no reason a date can't be as awesome (or more so) even if our wallets are lighter.

Here are 10 awesome and inexpensive date ideas.


1. Pack a picnic. Sure, it's not an 8-course meal at the best steakhouse in the city, but there's something really special about sitting outside and sharing a bucket of chicken on a blanket with that special someone.

2. Go ice skating. It's winter and cold in most of the country right now, and a picnic may not be an option at the moment. Instead, pack a thermos of hot chocolate and hit the rink.

3. Go sledding. If you're too klutzy to manage ice skating (like me!) sledding can be equally fun and romantic. Just be sure to pack that thermos of hot chocolate!

4. Take a winery tour. There's nothing like getting tipsy for little or no money while bonding over the tastes of various local wines.

5. Hit the flea market. There's a lot of fun to be had sorting through the treasures (and garbage!) that people sell at the flea market. It's a great place to bond.

6. Go to the carnival. Yeah, I know, you're not 12 anymore, but riding that Ferris Wheel or Tilt-A-Whirl can bring you back to your childhood.

7. Movie night. Going to the movies has become increasingly expensive. So why not pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch for a movie marathon?

8. Hit up a local concert. Most cities have local bands that play at the odd dive bar or coffee shop. There's tons of great energy there.

9. Catch some coffee. There's nothing more romantic than curling up together at one of those coffee shops, people watching, while sharing a couple of cups of coffee.

10. Cook a romantic meal ... together. Bonding in the kitchen can be loads of fun -- and an inexpensive way to have an amazing dinner.

What are YOUR ideas for a cheap, awesome date?


Image via KFoodaddict/Flickr

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