Throwing Your Cheating Spouse in Jail Won't Fix What's Broke

handcuffsI'm sure at one point or another, we've all wanted to put our spouse behind bars for something. Maybe we've dreamt about throwing them in jail for forgetting our anniversary for the tenth time, or losing their cool at a kid's soccer game, or overcooking the steak on the grill. Of course, not too many of us would be crazy enough to try and lock up our loved ones, but Dave Banks is an exception. He'd like his wife arrested and thrown in the slammer for cheating on him.

It's a mildly funny story, one that makes you think that guy is nuts, until you realize that, under Arizona law, it's entirely possible to arrest a cheating spouse. Adultery is a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine or up to 30 days in the big house.

So ... this is going to get interesting.


Banks' wife, Traci, was obviously taken aback by the news. She admits to technically having an affair, but explains that she and Dave had been estranged for years. In fact, they'd tried to get a divorce but couldn't afford to. While, yes, they were married according to the state, they weren't married according to their hearts. Aw.

No one expects actual charges to be filed, but it goes to show you that love will not only make you do crazy things, but bitterness will, too.

Dave and Traci have a decision to make here -- either legally end their marriage or work things out. I'm going to go ahead and assume that reconciliation isn't really in the cards, so the Bankses should look into a divorce, or agree that they'll live their own lives despite the piece of paper that says they're married. The couple has two children together -- is putting Mom in jail really the answer here?

Dave should move on. I mean, when you're reduced to invoking antiquated laws from a century ago, it's time to take a step back, inhale, and think about what you're really doing.

Do you think Traci should be put behind bars?


Photo via Jason Clap/Flickr

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