Seal & Heidi Klum Could Still Save Their Marriage

seal and heidi klumAlthough it seemed clear from reports yesterday that Seal and Heidi Klum would be filing for divorce as early as this week, a friend close to the couple has told Us Weekly exclusively that "nothing is finalized for sure. Seal flew back from the UK yesterday and he and Heidi are in the house together now." Hmm ... living together doesn't necessarily mean anything, of course, especially when there are children involved. (Just look at Debra Messing and her hubby who stayed "amicably" shacked up through their separation and divorce.) And the friend also said Seal is going to be going away soon to coach on the Australian version of The Voice.

But divorce, separation, or not, Heidi and Seal have had a "very rough road lately." Apparently, they had a tense vacation in Aspen recently during which they fought a lot, and lately, they are either "madly in love or having crazy fights." Ugh, that's no good ... Still, doesn't that "madly in love" part make it sound like there's hope?


Do those knock-down, drag-out fights interspersed with "lots of love" automatically or always mean it's time to call it quits? Of course it's not healthy to be constantly battling with your partner, or geeze, to be swinging back and forth from extremely in love to extremely angry. Again, especially when there are kids around. But something I think many couples forget is that "rough roads" happen. They are par for the course! No marriage is ever going to exist on Easy Street 24/7/365!

As one of my married friends put it, some days, she's SO in love with her husband ... Others, she wants to strangle him! But somehow the love always ends up trumping the fights or tension or stress. It's the love that ends up making it worth working on whatever's chronically throwing a wrench in your happy relationship.

With celebs, maybe being rich and famous and having all you've ever wanted at your fingertips makes them less capable of getting through the tough times with their partners? They're so accustomed to smooth sailing in all the other areas of their lives that they assume their relationship should be the same way. And when it isn't, they throw in the towel? But you certainly don't have to be a Hollywood pair to think that way.

These days, couples seem to give up too easily, not even giving themselves a chance to see if they can navigate a difficult time as a couple. But if there's even just a small chance that a concerted effort (like seeking marital counseling or getting a bit of breathing room for perspective) could be the life preserver for the marriage, that should be the first choice over an official, final separation or divorce! Because a bit of hard work now could translate to so much happiness later on. Hopefully, Seal and Heidi have what it takes to do the right thing and as Heidi's colleague Tim Gunn would say, make it work.

Do you think couples these days are forgetting that marriage takes a LOT of work, and it's not always smooth sailing?


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