Loving Couple Married 61 Years Dies Hours Apart

holding handsFor the second time in less than four months, there's another story out there that makes me believe in true love ... in a love that's so powerful, it can do anything you will it to. In October we read about a couple in their 90s who died holding hands, and now there's a story out of Pennsylvania of a husband and wife who'd been married for 61 years that died just hours apart. Richard and Nancy Trimmer both passed away this Sunday; she was 77 and he was 81 years old. They had 6 children, 10 grandkids, and 12 great-grandkids.

They started their lives together back in 1951 and ended their lives together in 2012. Wait 'til you hear the details.


Richard was diagnosed with lung cancer and was only given six months to live. He was hospitalized when he took a turn for the worse, and Nancy, whose her daughter said "didn't want to be in the house without him," fell ill, as well, and was hospitalized with issues stemming from her heart surgery 10 years prior.

In separate hospitals, the lovebirds lay as family and friends prayed for their recovery. But on Sunday morning at 12:25 a.m., Nancy passed away. Heartbroken, the family knew they had to let Richard know the news, and headed over to his hospital to fill him in.

When they got there, the clock over his hospital bed had stopped on 12:25. Richard wasn't very lucid, like he had been just a day before, and asked for his family to "hold me tighter now" as he drifted off to meet Nancy. He died just a few hours after Nancy did.

It's stories like these, these infrequent little bursts of faith, love, and togetherness, that bring a sense of hope into our lives. You don't hear tales like these that often, but when you do, it kind of makes you glance out the side of your eye and wonder how you're going to die. And if we're half as lucky as Nancy and Richard, we'll go surrounded by love, for love.

How does this story make you feel?


Photo via timparkinson/Flickr

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