Suzanne Somers Shares How Poor Self-Image Put a Damper on Her Sex Life (VIDEO)

suzanne somers breaking throughOMG, did you see it? Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb appeared on the second episode of the CafeMom Studios show, Suzanne Somers Breaking Through, on YouTube today, and they chatted with Suzanne about everything -- from tequila to stem cell face-lifts to faking orgasms. But the biggest "whoa!" had to come from when Suzanne actually let Kathie Lee feel her up and check out her new breast. You know, the one she "grew herself" by having a combo of fat and her very own stem cells injected into the area.

It was definitely a funny and memorable "television moment," but also a meaningful one. Because, see, Suzanne then explained to Kathie Lee and Hoda what the new breast's look and feel meant for her sex life.


Here's the video  ... (Suzanne talking about her breast and sex life happens from about 3:13 to 4:05-ish.)

Awesome, right? I love how Kathie Lee pointed out that Suzanne has always had a terrific self-image, and Suzanne agreed that she's confident, but at the same time, she acknowledged how she'd make a self-conscious joke when stripping down in front of her husband pre-breast reconstruction. That whole, "Cool, right?" moment ... jeeze! You don't have to have been through breast cancer to relate to that.

So many of us are insecure about physical scars or other things we feel like are flashing like Christmas lights at our partners every time we get naked -- from cellulite to a tummy roll, a C-section scar, or body hair. And it can be such a buzz kill in bed! Ugh! It seriously pains my heart when I hear that many women don't even want to have sex or can't enjoy sex because they're so self-conscious about their bodies. 

Of course, the fix isn't always having a surgery like Suzanne Somers did. Sometimes it's more about working on whatever it is mentally holding you back from appreciating your assets and doing your best to love what you see in the mirror enough to let it go when you're between the sheets. Easier said than done, though, I know ... but still, totally worth the effort, because no matter what scars we're sport, we all deserve to have a happy, healthy, satisfying sex life.

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Have body insecurities ever held you back in bed?

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