Camille Grammer Changing Her Name Is Her Classiest Move Yet

camille grammerCamille Grammer has a tough decision in front of her. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is in the process of deciding whether or not to keep her married name, Grammer, or go back to her maiden name, Donatacci. She was married to Kelsey Grammer for 16 years until he up and left her for a younger woman and the two have not stopped arguing in court ever since. He wants full custody, she wants to negotiate for shared custody ... it's a mess.

All that aside, Camille's got to make a choice about her name. After her children, I'd suppose there's nothing more personal to her than the name she's had for over 15 years, the name she shares with her kids, and the name that binds her to her jerk of an ex-husband. So should she drop "Grammer" or not?


Ditch it. I think it will help her move on. So much baggage has come from that bad marriage and Camille should dump what she can, bit by bit. It won't be any easy transition, as she mentioned to The Huffington Post; it's a process. She's gotta change all the school forms, insurance forms, property forms, etc., but I think in the long run, the time spent changing her name back to Donatacci will prove to be a cathartic experience.

I'm sure she has a concern or two about having a different last name than her kids, but I think she's more than allowed to make this change selfishly. If it's what she wants, she should do it.

Plus, Camille Donatacci has a nice ring to it. I dare say it's just as recognizable as her current surname. After all, it's still Camille we're talking about. Her fame and notoriety have got to measure into this decision at some point.

If you were Camille, would you change your last name?


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