6 Sexy Love Tips We Should Steal From French Women

We have always known that in matters of food, love, and looks, French women have American women beaten by a landslide. We may make fun of them for their war efforts, but their efforts in living the good life make ours look positively paltry. A 2001 study even showed that French women in their 50s have more sex than their American counterparts. Is there anything they can't do better than us?

The fact is, French women have it made. They're less uptight, they always look gorgeous, their food and culture are so sexy, and they can wear a scarf in 15 different ways and have it look totally natural.

We American women don't have to take it lying down (or standing up or from behind or ...), though! We can fight back. Here are a few sex tips we can (& should) steal from our French friends:

  • Kick the idea of marriage to the curb: American women over 50 who are having sex are usually married. Those who are not married are not having sex, according to the Journal of Sex Research study. In France, there are much more liberal definitions of relationships and couplings, so it opens women up to have more opportunity to have sex.
  • Buy more lingerie: French women are known for not only embracing what is on the outside, but for paying close attention to what is on the inside as well. This is why lingerie is a crucial part of the French female package. Wearing nice underwear is an instant shot of confidence and American women could take a page from that philosophy. 
  • Respect aging as sexy, not scary: Michele Fitoussi, former editor of French Elle, said: "French women have a keen sense of the brevity of time and immediacy of pleasure." Exactly. Life is short. Make the sex last. 
  • Stay sexual longer: American women seem to shut down on the idea of sex as soon as they reach a "certain age." French women keep on going. We American women should take a cue from them. It only stands to reason that sex would get better as you age and get better at it, no?
  • Enjoy food: This one is an oldie but goodie when it comes to comparing culture. We American women are so obsessed with being thin that we will eat any "fat free" or "low calorie" fad that comes along. And guess what? We are still fat! It's true. American women are heavier and, because of that, we feel less body confidence and a lack of body confidence means standard sex with the lights out and tons of shame, which is anything but sexy. So take a tip from French women and really enjoy your food.
  • Drink more wine: What loosens a lady up for sex more than yummy wine? Feel languid and sensual in your skin by having at least one glass of wine with your honey each night. It's a little indulgence that goes a long way.

What French sex tips do you take?

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