Jennifer Aniston Should Give Justin Theroux Hell for Not Proposing

jennifer aniston justin therouxThe tabloids are all over "poor Jennifer Aniston" again. Apparently, she was under the impression that boyfriend Justin Theroux was going to propose over the holidays ... but now, it's January 11, and there's still no ring or wedding planning in their near future. Instead of a rock, he reportedly gave her a PURSE, and she was humiliated, according to InTouch.

Sure, at first glimpse, it sounds a bit spoiled -- Poor Little Rich Starlet got a purse from her bf of a little more than seven months, womp womp -- but I totally get where Jen's coming from. Like one of the sources said, she doesn't want a boyfriend -- she wants a husband. She must have thought she and Justin were the same page as far as moving forward. But since a prime opportunity for getting engaged just passed them by, Jen's more than justified in feeling stunned and upset about whether or not they really are headed in the same direction.


Cue the clucking that she is probably putting "too much pressure" on Justin and needs to "back off" or else she'll "drive him away." Give me a break! It seems like more often than not, when a woman tries to assert her needs in a relationship, the knee-jerk reaction is, "Keep your mouth shut, honey, and let the guy do what he's gotta do ... or else he'll run!" 

If their big Christmastime fight stemmed from her expressing disappointment and frustration, I say GOOD FOR HER! Yeah, taking the leap and getting engaged is a delicate subject, one that lots of us get freaked out about easily. But you can't be afraid to bring it up, talk it out, and make sure you're seeing eye-to-eye on the subject. Otherwise, you're just setting yourself up for a disaster -- or a panic attack!

At the same time, it's a fine line ... You also don't wanna be a control freak or be pushy about getting hitched. But I don't think fear of being either of those things should prevent women from being honest and speaking up with a "Hey, I thought/hoped/wanted XYZ. What are you thinking/hoping/wanting?" That's how it's done in a healthy relationship with open communication. The truth is ... if you're betting he's a mind reader or he really would hit the bricks if you say what's on your mind and in your heart, you're probably both missing crucial skills it takes to make a successful marriage. 

As for Jen and Justin, I hope they can figure out how to move forward in a way that makes them both happier than they are now. Ultimately, that's what the decision to get married should be about.

Do you think talking about getting engaged puts too much pressure on a guy or is it just healthy communication?


Image via Ronald Asadorian/Splash News

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