Halle Berry Will Surely Regret Rushing Down the Aisle

halle berryI have no idea why Halle Berry has decided to get married again, but rumor has it that she and boyfriend Olivier Martinez are engaged. Apparently, a rep for Gurhan, the designer jewelry company that made the ring, spilled the beans about the proposal, but neither Halle nor Olivier has confirmed yet. 

Operating under the assumption that they are planning to wed (I mean, she was spotted wearing the gold and emerald ring on her ring finger), let's go ahead and ask ourselves if we'd make the same decision if we were in Halle's very, very expensive shoes.


Halle's been married twice before to baseball star David Justice and to singer Eric Benet. Neither relationship ended well. Then she started seeing model Gabriel Aubry. Although the couple never married, they had daughter Nahla together in 2008. Unfortunately, I think anyone who pays even minor attention to the media remembers how awful that split was -- with custody battles, accusations of racism, and abuse, Halle was not a peace with Gabriel.

Now, actor Olivier Martinez is about to be her husband. Her partner for life, until death do they part. Do you think Halle is ready for such a commitment? I sure don't. I see no reason to rush into anything, especially at her age and with her life experience. You'd think she'd want to take things slow, to wait another year or two to make sure that she and Olivier are meant to be, but no. She's in some kind of hurry and I can't figure out why.

She has a daughter to consider, too. A daughter who's been put through a lot with her split from Gabriel and who deserves a bit of stability. That's not to say she's a bad mom, not in the least, but marrying someone you've only known for a year seems hurried and a little bit selfish.

Halle should make haste slowly -- good things come to those who wait (to get to know their future spouses).

Do you think Halle is rushing into this marriage?


Photo via brava_67/Flickr

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