Military Marriages May Get Big 'Boost' From Porn Company

I love a great idea, and a great idea that does great things for the marriages of men and women serving our country overseas? Yes, please! Scott Rinaldo, the company manager for RealTouch, a place that makes virtual sex even more intimate with "teledildonics" (dildos controlled through the computer), is hoping to send 1,000 units to Afghanistan and to the military wives back home. It's pure genius.

Rinaldo believes that these dildos, which live in a plastic tube, connect to a computer, warm up, lube up, pulse, and grip, may help those who are apart by many miles. On the other end, the man controls the movements of the dildo through the computer. The truth is, it just may help keep spouses feeling close to one another and may even help lower the divorce rate among military spouses. He also proposes the same for women serving overseas, just with opposite equipment.


Whether the company is doing this for publicity or because of altruism, it's a very good idea, one that really may save many marriages. Since I don't have a spouse in the military, I am not sure how practical this is (is there any privacy?), but the general concept is amazing.

I have a spouse who travels on occasion and we certainly make full use of video chat and texting photos and such, but he is only gone for weeks. The idea of months or even years is maddening. It's the piece missing from all those military reunion videos -- how much must they have missed each other's bodies and touch?

Obviously this can't solve every problem. It's still "virtual," after all. But it can solve some. There would be some amount of intimacy, and given the alternative is none, I am sure most would jump at the chance to try it.

This isn't to say it's the only way spouses would communicate, but this is that missing piece of the puzzle. You can write letters and text to exchange the details of a day. You can video chat and joke to remember each other's faces, but you can't touch each other and have the kind of intimacy that is so vital to the survival of a relationship.

Sex is important. It isn't the be all, end all, of course. Many military and long distance marriages survive without it, but this seems like a perfect compromise. If my husband and I ever found ourselves separated for a long period of time, I would be all about this. It seems like a basic thing that many military families need to help bridge the distance.

Would you ever use something like this?


Image via Espensorvik/Flickr

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