You Won't Meet Your Future Husband at the Grocery Store

grocery storeI've blindly subscribed over the years to the notion that there's a chance I might meet my future husband at the grocery store. Not sure where exactly I got this info, but I'd like to blame TV, movies, pop culture in general, my parents, my frenemies, and researchers for putting it in my head that the next time I reached for that perfectly ripe avocado in my grocer's aisle, Mr. Right would be there, too. We'd strike up conversation about guacamole, which would lead to a discussion of weekend plans, which would eventually lead to my house in Virginia with 2.3 kids, one dog, and one cat.

I think the only thing I've ever picked up at the grocery store is, well, groceries of course, the occasional common cold, and one or more rain checks for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch sale. Needless to say, I haven't picked up my husband there, not once, not ever.

And now, I finally know why.


There isn't a 10 percent chance I'll meet my soul mate while grocery shopping; there's not even a 2 percent chance. We've been fed a whole bunch of lies on this subject.

Jezebel got a professor and researcher on the horn after they dared to disbelieve Crystal Light's new ad campaign that subtly tells women to be calorie-free and to look their cutest in the powdered drinks aisle because, wait for it, their ad proclaims that 8 percent of women met their husbands at the grocery store.

Not even close, says the source they called up. An author and researcher from Stanford University, Professor Reuben Thomas, wrote a study on how couples meet. He says that unless you're both working at said grocery store, there's a slim to none chance you're going to meet your future spouse there. He goes on to guess that less than 1 percent of married couples actually met in the wide, bright aisles of their local grocery stores.

So, there you have it. It's disheartening news, in a way, isn't it -- it was kind of nice and hopeful to hear that 8 percent of women meet their future husbands at the market. But on the other hand, it's also a little relieving to finally know the truth. I suppose we should stick to online dating and only flirt in line if we're feeling up for it ... with managed expectations, of course.

Had you heard before that there was a good chance of meeting a man at a grocery store?


Photo via miamism/Flickr

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