Heartless Woman Sues Sweet Cop for Asking Her Out on a Date

cop carHow would you feel if the guy behind the Starbucks counter asked you out after bringing you your latte? Flattered, right? Now how would you feel if the firefighter who just put out the blazing fire in your yard asked you out? Same, right? Probably even more so. Now how would you feel if a cop -- who previously gave you a ticket -- asked you out? If your name is Evangelina Paredes, you'd feel weirded out. So much so that you sue him.


Here's the story: Evangelina received a ticket for $132 from police officer Chris Collins for speeding. After the cop did his, you know, job, he did some snooping. Well, actually, it wasn't really snooping since Evangelina had to give him her license when she got pulled over, but still -- he did something shady. He went to her house and left a note. A fairly adorable note, I might add. It read:

It's Chris ... that ugly bald Stickney cop who gave you that ticket. I know this may seem crazy and you're probably right, but truth is I have not stopped thinking about you since. I don't expect a girl as attractive as you to ... even go for a guy like me, but I'm taking a shot anyways. But hey. I did cost you $132 -- least I can do is buy you dinner.

Sure, it's a little inappropriate that he visited her house, but the self-deprecation and modesty in the note almost seem to negate it. Anyway, Evangelina was so unbelievably appalled at this behavior that she's decided to see if she can squeeze some money out of this guy.

Look. Generally, I think there is something a little ooky about cops asking women out, but something about this scenario is sort of sweet -- and I definitely don't think it warrants a lawsuit. If Collins pulled her over and told her he wouldn't write her a ticket if she agreed to have dinner with him, then that would be grounds to sue. Collins simply did his job, then asked her out on his own time in a non-creepy way (again, yes, the going to her house part was a little creepy).

Perhaps I'm growing out of touch in my old age, but, really, is it that much more inappropriate than a Starbucks barista or firefighter asking you out after doing their job? And is it really a reason to sue?

Do you think Evangelina is out of line here, or the cop?


Image via neoliminal/Flickr

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