Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed Know How to Keep Things Spicy

gene simmons shannon tweedGene Simmons and wife Shannon Tweed had been dating for 28 years before tying the knot a few months ago. The KISS star and the super hot blond have been very open about their relationship because, well, they had to be. They starred in their own reality show and in order to make it juicy, they did what any reality star must do and spilled intimate details about their sex lives. Even though the show's now off the air, it hasn't stopped the pair from gushing about what gets them going in the bedroom. Their latest revelation came this week when Gene, 62, told the Hollywood scoop that sex is more important in his marriage than romance.

Once his wife Shannon heard the news, here's what she had to say in response:


[You have to] keep having sex in different ways. Try to think of something new. Thank god the children are grown up. As soon as they hear noise from upstairs, they leave the house. That's good.

Obviously, she wasn't mad or upset with what Gene had to say. She agrees with him and thinks that sex in their marriage is a priority. No matter if you see eye-to-eye with Shannon and Gene's emphasis on sex over, say, romance or intimacy, you have to admire how compatible they are. They're really on the same page here when it comes to knowing what does and doesn't work in their relationship.

Talking about what you want or what you find lacking in your sex life and in your marriage can be an awkward conversation. But it's important to speak up, lest you want to spend the rest of your life resenting your spouse for not being able to read your mind and magically fulfill your needs.

Sounds like Shannon and Gene make a strong couple. They've had their ups and downs like the rest of us, and their 28-year courtship was unusual, but they've struck a balance and are more than just content in their relationship. They may be a little nutty, but you have to hand it to them -- they seem perfectly happy together.

What do you value more in your relationship right now: Sex or romance?


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