Lay Off Drew Barrymore for Getting Married a Third Time

drew barrymore will kopelmanLately, it seems like every hour on the hour, another celeb is engaged! The latest: Drew Barrymore, who I admit has pretty much always been my #1 lady crush for her honesty, humor, and talent in front of and behind the camera. She's going to take the plunge with boyfriend Will Kopelman, and the two seem like they couldn't possibly be any happier. But that doesn't mean people aren't clucking about how this is going to be Drew's "third marriage, FYI." Just like with Britney Spears who got engaged to boyfriend Jason Trawick recently as well, there's snark galore surrounding the passive-aggressive prediction that "third time's the charm" for these stars.

But you know what? Anyone ripping Drew, Britney, or any woman who has walked down the aisle more than twice needs a wake-up call.


Yes, divorce is more prevalent than it ever was before, and yes, many people get married more than once, maybe more than twice these days. But so what? I don't think we can simply chalk that up to people not taking the institution as seriously as they should. Instead, it may just show that there's less taboo surrounding ending a marriage that isn't working anymore. And people feel freer to brush themselves off and give it another go.

After all, marriages end for a variety of reasons: We get married for the wrong reason, make mistakes like all humans, fail to fix whatever is poisoning the relationship, change/grow beyond the relationship, find a soul mate later in life, etc. Back even 50 years ago -- think Mad Men -- women would have been expected to stay stuck in a dysfunctional or unhealthy marriage ... just because. But thank goodness that's not the case anymore.

Funny, though, because as commonplace as divorce has become now, remarriage still triggers passive-aggressive comments and taunting (usually directed at the woman). Personally, I could care less if Drew Barrymore marries thrice, Kim Kardashian ends up with 17 ex-husbands, or that Elizabeth Taylor had eight walks down the aisle! All that matters is in the end is that these women weren't stuck in unhappy marriages -- or felt like they have to go through life on their own, simply because their marriage(s) failed. We always tell our kids, "If you at first you don't succeed, try again" ... Why shouldn't that apply to love, too?

How do you feel about multiple marriages?


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