Elin Nordegren's House Demolition Is the Best Way to Forget Tiger

elin nordegrenElin Nordegren isn't your average woman; with $100 million in the bank and cheekbones that just won't quit, she stands out from the rest of us. But even though she's richer and way hotter than we are, she still has 99 problems and an ex-husband is one. We heard yesterday that Elin demolished the $12 million North Palm Beach mansion she bought just seven months after her split from Tiger Woods and is planning to build a new house on the same piece of land, and good for her.

Where we might smash an old picture frame of us with our exes, Elin smashes an original 1932 oceanfront home. The concept is the same, however: Sometimes you have to destroy symbols of your pain in order to move on.


It's fine, even important to keep some happy reminders of the time you spent with your ex. I mean for crying out loud, you loved the man and might even have children with him; let's not destroy everything. But there are some things, maybe, that deserve to be torched. Call it what you want -- a cleansing ritual, an act of craziness -- but it can be very cathartic to annihilate, liquidate, or mutilate an agonizing memento of the suffering you endured.

Maybe Elin felt that way about her home. No, it's not the house she shared with Tiger, but there could be a lot of intangible reminders of her painful public divorce in the place. She likely bought the property during one of the lowest days in her life. How can anyone be especially happy about a new house when their family's name has just been dragged through the mud? She could resent her new home for the reasons she was forced to buy it.

She has every right to do what she will with her house and her property, and I can't blame her one bit for wanting a brand, spanking new start. She can certainly afford a massive overhaul and hopefully a new house will put her in a better place, physically and emotionally.

Have you ever destroyed a symbol of a past relationship or a painful memory?


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