Britney Spears Is Finally Ready to Be a Bride (PHOTO)

britney spears engagementBritney Spears, umbrella-wielding, head-shaving, baby-having, crazy-lady pop star of the 2000s is back on track. Well, at least it would seem that way. Something about her latest tweet makes me think that she's pulled herself together in a big way. Her eyes don't look dead, her hair doesn't look dead, and she looks happy. Britney exclaimed to the world that she's so thrilled about her engagement that she can't stop staring at her ring and uploaded this accompanying photo.

After I got past her enviable nail polish collection (did you see that in the background?), I was taken aback by Britney's ... maturity. Maybe she and fiance Jason Trawick will last forever, after all.


Since she's ready to share her happiness and the love that she's feeling, it makes me think that she's ready for a commitment. And that she's gotten back a little of that sweetness that made us fall in love with her 12 years ago. Britney's had a bumpy road, but I get the sense that she's calmed down.

Maybe I'm giving her too much credit for this run of the mill photo of her in a turtleneck sweater in her bathroom, but I don't know, I wouldn't have been that surprised had she tweeted a photo with her nipple hanging out and mascara running down her face. This is a welcome change from her engagement to Kevin Federline, when she reportedly purchased her own ring and celebrated their big news by smoking cigarettes on her balcony. It's nice to see her cleaned up, looking fresh, and seeming excited about her future.

For a while, I'm sure there was a lot she dreaded about her tomorrows, but now that Jason, who we pray to Jesus is a good man, is in the picture, looks like Britney's ready for whatever comes her way.

Do you think Britney's ready for marriage?


Photo via Splash News

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