Hiring a Wedding Proposal Planner Is a Ridiculous Waste of Money

I am told by my romantic friends that many (most?) women dream of strapping on the poofy white dress and walking down the aisle in her perfectly executed fairy-tale wedding to the man of her dreams. Some of these friends have planned out their intricate weddings since childhood, just waiting for Mr. Right to come along and sweep them off their feet.

Dream weddings, I hear from my friends with romance in their eyes, are all the rage.

But dream proposals? That's a new one for me.

So, in order to assure that your bride has the proposal she so desires, men are now hiring what are known as, "Proposal Planners."

I'll let you know when I can pick my jaw up off the floor.


For a fee, men -- or women -- can hire a special planner to help them plan an elaborate (read: expensive) proposal. What normally involves four words, "Will you marry me?" now can involve scenarios tailored for each bride (or groom)-to-be.

Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning in New York typically charges $500 for helping devise a proposal plan -- although if she plans the whole proposal, it can cost up to $12,000 (plus, she notes, any fees for the site and transportation).

I think it's sweet that men -- and women -- want their partner to have a dream proposal, but there's something about enlisting an outside agency to help figure out what your partner wants that is kinda ... sketchy. For a little extra legwork, namely enlisting Dr. Google, you can figure out the perfect proposal on your own. FOR FREE.

And frankly, after all that legwork, time, money, and energy, the proposal planners cannot promise that the outcome of the whole ordeal will be exactly what the man -- or woman -- wants. There's no way to know that a bride -- or groom -- to-be will say "yes."

Imagine the humiliation that would go along with hearing "no" after uttering those four words and spending all that time and energy making it all a dream come true.

It boggles the mind.

Would you hire a Proposal Planner? Do you wish that your partner hard?


Image via ryochili/Flickr

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