'Real Housewives' Star Gives Best Advice on Cheating Spouses

Kyle Richards is the star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and probably one of the most happily married celebrities in Hollywood (or so it would seem), but her secret to making a marriage work is somewhat controversial. She says if you cheat, especially if it was only once, then let it be. The only reason to share it is to assuage your own guilt. It won't fix anything in the marriage.

Richards is absolutely correct. It's no wonder she and husband Mauricio Umansky have lasted so long (16 years). Richards is not suggesting hiding an ongoing affair or a love connection, but she does believe -- and rightly so -- that a one-time affair shouldn't warrant some big confession.

In the end, the person you have to answer to is yourself if you had an affair. If you believe in God, then God as well. But if you are sorry, there is no point in hurting your spouse.


People I have known over the years have had multiple affairs, and the fact is, it's always so much worse when the spouse knows. Obviously, if my husband were regularly sleeping with another woman, I would want to know, but if he had a one-time transgression and he were sorry, I would prefer to be kept in the dark.

His guilt isn't my problem, you know? But the second he tells me, it becomes so. If I know, then I might leave him or, at the very least, I might be angry or deeply hurt. It might affect my sense of self and my self-esteem and make me feel hurt and all kinds of horrible things, and really, it would all be pointless. Because it meant nothing.

The fact is, people can make mistakes that mean nothing and sometimes those mistakes include sex or kissing or some other transgression that would hurt a spouse far more than it needs to. It's totally counter-intuitive and actually runs against how I conduct my marriage (we are a tell-all couple), but it also makes sense.

If my husband had a one-time sexual affair with someone who he knew was disease-free, etc. (since I know someone will comment on that), I wouldn't want to know. I would want our marriage to last.

Would you want to know if your husband had sex with someone else?


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