Eva Mendes Wins Ryan Gosling's Heart by Making Nice With His Other Woman

Eva Mendes Ryan GoslingSome celeb couples may be calling it quits, while others are getting engaged, but Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling seem to be perfectly happy just enjoying one another's company, being all romantic, and ringing in the New Year in NYC. Drama-seekers, move along, cause there doesn't seem like much here to gawk at ... unless you consider the fact that they were hanging out with Ryan's other woman ... his mom, Donna!

Yup, the couple spent Sunday with Ryan's mother, and Ryan was photographed as he exited a cab with his mom, on their way to meet up with Eva at an AMC movie theater in uptown Manhattan. Sources say this was the first time Eva and Donna met, but I wouldn't be so sure!


What kind of first meeting is going to see a movie? It sounds like the two of them are already comfortable with one another enough to go do something that doesn't require that first meeting "interview" process that usually goes down between parent and new significant other. 

Either way, hanging out like this with his mom should earn Eva a HUGE gold star with Ryan. Being able to spend time with a guy's mom on a Sunday afternoon, doing something really chill like going to see a movie is a fantastic sign. It means you're comfortable enough with your relationship that you don't mind sharing your guy a bit. It means you respect his time with his mom. Oh, and plus, guys do tend to go for women who remind them of their moms, right? So if you and his mom can be friendly -- or better yet, BFFs -- you're probably super-compatible with your man. Just a theory!

I'm lucky in that I do get along very well with my boyfriend's mom. I enjoy spending time over at her house on a lazy Sunday, and we hang out all the time -- usually without my boyfriend! Sure, he and I have been together a lot longer than Ryan and Eva, but the fact remains the same: Having a good rapport with his mom definitely bolsters your relationship. Hopefully Eva's good vibes with Donna will be one thing that keeps her and Ryan off celeb break-up lists of 2012.

Do you get along with your man's mom?


Image via Allpix/Splash News

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