Sting's Wife Trudie Admits Their Sex Life Isn't as Wonderful as We Thought

trudie styler stingBefore Sex and the City got tongues wagging about topics that had been previously considered taboo, Sting and wife Trudie Styler made couples curious about tantric sex. I remember hearing a long time ago that the two of them had this phenomenal sex life and would end up having sex for hours and hours. I know I wasn't alone in thinking, "Really?? What the hell? Is that for real?!"

Thank God it turns out that the answer is NO. It was actually just a "drunken boast," Trudie recently admitted. Apparently, 21 years ago, Sting was asked by a rock journalist "how long he could go for," and he said, "Well, haven't you heard of tantric sex?" Trudie explained how the rumor mill spun out of control from that point on, and "the tantric hours got extended and, suddenly, I was doing it all day long. Well, if only!” Sneaky. Well, we now know that impossible standard they set is something that was never even real in the first place! What a relief, right? Or maybe not ...


I'm also a bit annoyed that Trudie let the rumor carry on for so long. Surely, Sting's gotten a kick out of it, but I guess so did Trudie. They became "sex idols," if you will, but it's kinda irritating knowing now that the tantric sex thing was just a drunken joke.

Still, maybe we can't be that hard on them. It's our own faults if we get hung up on other people's sex lives. I feel like all too often, just as with anything -- money, kids' schooling, promotions on the job -- we feel like we have to keep up with the Joneses in the bedroom. Probably because we've been brainwashed by Hollywood (and ahem, up until now, Sting and Trudie!), we worry that everyone else must be having more sex or better sex or longer sex or whatever kind of sex that's superior to the sex we're having. But it's just plain crazy to compare your relationship and intimate life to anyone else's. Sure, we're all entitled to awesome sex, but "awesome" is certainly relative. And I would venture to guess that, like snowflakes, no two sex lives are identical, ha! 

Even though I'm still convinced he and Trudie still have always had hot chemistry, at least we now know there isn't and never was any day-long sex going on at the Sumner-Styler residence. It's kind of a nice wake-up call that we should have never been comparing ourselves to them -- or anyone else, for that matter -- in the first place!

Do you worry that your sex life doesn't compare to other people's?


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