These 5 Celebs Got Engaged in 2011: Will They Last?

britney spears2011 was an interesting year for love. We had the royal wedding, the Kardashian wedding, and the Kardashian divorce. We saw lots of celebs walk down the aisle, a few get divorced, and a handful or two get engaged. It's these couples, these lovers of love, who we'll focus on here. They're getting ready to say "I do" in front of friends, family, and paparazzi in 2012 and they have a ton to look forward to ... mostly.

Being married is hard enough, toss in the pressures associated with celebrity and Hollywood and a healthy, long-term, everlasting commitment may be downright impossible. That didn't stop these 5 celebs from getting engaged, though. But what are their odds of a happily ever after? Using a very scientific and exact calculation, here are my predictions.


Britney Spears and Jason Trawick got engaged this December after over two years of dating. He's 40, she's 30, and they're both nuts. But in a good way. Britney clearly has a few screws loose, and if Jason digs that about her, he's gotta be a little cray cray himself. Which is why I think they'll last for a while. I don't wanna go bonkers here and say they'll be together forever, but I like their odds. Maybe four years? Two crazy adults, a ton of money, and fledgling pop stardom? What could go wrong.

Anne Hathaway agreed to marry Adam Shulman in November. The couple lives in Brooklyn, New York and they'd been dating for three years. I don't know about them, Anne's had some questionable taste in guys, and I'm worried about their mismatched celebrity status. When one person is way more famous than the other, things tend to get a little bumpy. I think they'll stay married 15 months.

Hills star Kristin Cavallari and NFL quarterback Jay Cutler will never last in one million years. The couple who got engaged, then broke up, then got re-engaged throw around "engagements" like it's the hottest accessory this season. Doesn't sound like these two are ready for anything life-long. I give it seven months.

Michael Jordan proposed to model Yvette Prieto last month after the couple had been dating for three years. Something tells me that anything Michael Jordan puts his mind to, he will succeed, so it's up to him how long their union lasts.

Aretha Franklin got engaged to longtime friend William Wilkerson over the holidays. We all know that Aretha deserves a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, so if Willie can't man up, you know he'll be kicked to the curb. At 69 years old, I wanna guess that if Aretha's getting married, it's gonna be forever.

What are your predictions for these celeb couples?


Photo via Gabriel Weinstein/Flickr

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