Canadian Couple Stars in Their Own Version of '100 Grandkids and Counting'

100 grandchildrenI’m pretty sure by now you’ve heard about the 99-year-old Italian man who said bygones be bygones be damned after he found out his wife had an affair ... back in the 1940s. May I commend him for 1) being sharp enough to be infuriated and 2) basically saying “hey, I may only have a little time left here on Earth, but I’ll be darned if I spend it with a cheatin’ woman.” I hear that, sir.

Over in the fun-loving provinces of Canada, Viktor and Aneta Urich are not only still together, they just celebrated the monumental fruit of their thankfully in-tact marriage: they welcomed their 100th grandchild in December.

Well alright. First they pumped out 16 kids and now they’re making headlines with 100 grandkiddies. Nothing says love like a little — or in their case, a lot of — baby makin’. JimBob and Michelle, take notes. This feels like a preview of what’s coming down the pike (besides maybe another baby).


At the root of all of the hullabaloo is Henry Urich, the brand spankin’ new infant who arrived just in time to be the latest star of the show and the most recent addition to the family before the turn of the new year. The child’s father, Heinrich, is number 5 on his parents’ 16-offspring roll call. And little Henry makes baby number 9 for him and his wife, Tatjana.

They’re native Russians, they say, and they believe in big families. Gasp. Do tell.

In these romantically tumultuous times, what with super duper senior citizens breaking up with the spouses they’ve been with for 77 years and all, it’s nice to see couples still pumping up the population with their love for children and, clearly, their willingness to indulge in a little procreating romance.

What are the upsides and downfalls of having a big family?  

Image via Roy Lister/Flickr

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