Rihanna Shouldn't Have to Keep Love Tweets to Chris Brown a Secret

rihanna tweet to chris brownI'm always game for a romantic reunion between two celebs who really seem meant for one another, you know? Like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. When they got back together, I wanted to throw a party. (And yes, I'm still hoping they figure it out once and for all.) They're just one of those couples you root for. Rihanna and Chris Brown are not one of those couples! They're pretty much the OPPOSITE of that kind of couple. After the evidence emerged of Chris Brown's assault of RiRi in 2009, no one in their right mind would be rooting for these two to get back together. Except maybe ... the stars themselves?

Say it isn't so. It all started when Chris tweeted, "Love u more than u know!" to -- it seemed -- no one in particular. But two minutes later, Rihanna tweeted, "I'll always love you #1love." Uh-oh ...


Aside from all the possibly dangerous repercussions of Rihanna getting back together with Chris, her reputation is definitely on the line. (Remember the backlash when she sort of "forgave" him? How awful that looked to her female fans?) These semi-secretive tweets might just be Rihanna's way of easing the public back into the idea of the two of them together. But the fact that they're secretive at all -- why won't they just tweet directly at one another, you know? -- should serve as a clue that she's embarrassed, ashamed, worried, or downright scared to admit her feelings for Chris.

And that's pretty much the worst possible sign that a relationship shouldn't progress.

Oh, sure, occasionally one friend, or your mom, or your neighbor won't like the guy you're in love with. But when it seems like the whole world is against you and that person getting together, there's probably a good reason! And I've always thought that finding yourself sneaking around behind your critics' backs or pursuing any aspect of the relationship behind closed doors means it's an unhealthy situation. If you're in a healthy, happy relationship with a good guy, you shouldn't have to hide anything.

I think we all know the score here. Sadly, many women who have been battered end up wanting to get back together with their abuser, no matter how bad it looks from the outside ... Here's hoping Rihanna knows better than to follow her heart -- or his tweets -- back into a disturbing redux of her relationship with Chris.

What do you make of Rihanna and Chris's tweets? Do you agree that a secret relationship is usually a toxic one?


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