Katy Perry & Russell Brand's Hands Tell the Real Story About Their Marriage

katy perryKaty Perry and Russell Brand, everyone's favorite raven haired couple, are reportedly on the rocks. Us Weekly says that the pair spent Christmas apart after a "massive fight" and now both Katy and Russell have been spotted without their wedding bands. She in Hawaii and he in England, each was photographed with a bare left hand. In my opinion, they might as well have been spotted waving flags reading "It's Over!" or been caught out to lunch at the Ivy with a powerful Beverly Hills divorce attorney.

Yep, it's hard being married. It might even be doubly hard being married and famous, but once those rings, those universal symbols of love, fidelity, and eternity come off, well, there may not be any turning back.


Taking off a wedding ring is a big deal no matter if you're a billionaire pop star or a printer repairman or a stay-at-home mom. They symbolize a union with your spouse and they say that "you're taken." Once you stop wearing a wedding ring, your message to everyone changes. If everyone at your office/church/play group thought you were getting a divorce, then one day you showed up without your ring -- you'd expect people to get the hint that you're moving on, right?

I think that's what Katy and Russell are doing here -- removing their rings is a display of detachment from one another. Those diamond and gold bands represent something they may no longer hold dear, like commitment, trust, or love. Shedding the finger shackle is a quick and dirty way to announce, without saying anything, that you're ready to let the other person go.

The couple married back in 2010 and have been dodging divorce rumors for months now. I don't know how they'll get out of this one -- they were both having them cleaned at the same time even though they were on different continents? Katy was worried about losing hers in the surf and Russell was worried ... it'd fall off on the street? -- and maybe that's the point. Maybe they won't deny the rumors anymore.

Do you think removing a wedding ring is a sign of big trouble in a relationship?


Photo via viernest/Flickr

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