'Vampire Diaries' Hottie & Lady Gaga Will Have a Bad Romance

lady gagaHmm, looks like a case of life imitating art for Lady Gaga and her new man, Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney. Rumors have been flying about the couple since Kinney appeared in Gaga's video for "You and I," but now they've actually done the whole "public stroll" thing, which, as you know, is as good as carrying around a neon sign that flashes "Yes, we're an item."

So, Gaga and Kinney are kinda sorta officially "together." What do we think of this celeb love connection?

Well, we'll give Gaga this much ...


She definitely scored in the looks department this time around. Not that ex Luc Carl wasn't cute in his own way. (Never mind the fact that he definitely made a more likely visual match for Lady Gaga.) But Taylor Kinney ... well, he's freakin' beautiful. So, you go Gaga.

That said, if there's any truth to the gossip buzzing around the boy, that handsome exterior might be hiding an ugly side Gaga would do well to stay away from. Kinney allegedly started his relationship with Gaga when he was still dating non-celeb Brittany Sackett. (Even worse, he apparently pocket-dialed then-girlfriend Sackett while out on a secret date with Gaga!)

Ouch. Kinney must be a better actor than we thought (kidding!) to have maintained both relationships at once. Or at least he's got one hell of a "poker face." (Ha!)

Who knows? Let's hope for Gaga's sake that Kinney isn't the two-timing sort, because it seems to me the Lady could use a good, functional relationship. Maybe he's a little bit more eccentric than he looks; most likely she's a little bit less eccentric than she makes herself out to be. Maybe Gaga + Kinney = TLA.

Or maybe she'll have a reason to write "Bad Romance: Part 2."

Do you think Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga make a good couple?


Image via Naomi Lir/Flickr

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