Engagement Ring Lost in Toilet Recovered 36 Years Later

toiletLosing an engagement ring can be rather traumatic. Not only is it an irreplaceable symbol of your love, but it's also, generally speaking, a pretty pricey thing to permanently misplace. A couple in Montana knows all too well about the pain associated with losing an engagement ring; they've been trying to get it back for 36 years. The pink sapphire ring went missing one day when Donna Claver took it off and set in on the back cover on the toilet. She watched in horror as it slid off, splashed into the commode, and wedged itself in a small hole at the bottom.

Donna and her husband Terry tried everything to free the ring from the toilet's hold, but nothing short of smashing the can to bits would've released the ring, and they couldn't afford to do that. But now, over three decades later, they were finally able to get it back.


Donna and Terry moved out of the house with the ring in the toilet in 1975 and its had multiple owners since. Owners who knew nothing about the jewel hidden just below the surface of their throne, that is. Over the course of 36 years, do you know how many times that toilet must have been flushed? Let's say it was flushed twice a day, 365 days a year ... that's over 26,000 flushes that ring's endured. Wow.

I suppose Terry knew just how wedged it was because he apparently never gave up hope that it'd stay put and not be washed away down into the depths of the Montana sewage system. As luck would have it, Terry happened to be doing some roofing one day across the street from his old home and saw the newest owners carrying the old toilet out to the curb. He asked if he could smash it and with one big hit, the bottom cracked off and there it was: The pink sapphire engagement ring that'd been lost for 36 years.

He didn't rush home to tell Donna, he waited for her later that night and surprised her with a re-engagement. He proposed to his wife with the same ring they thought they'd never see again. Terry is easily the sweetest man on Earth -- how very thoughtful of him. I'm sure Donna was shocked and thrilled. Hopefully Terry had cleaned it first, though -- that'd be one crappy proposal otherwise.

Have you ever lost a piece of jewelry that was meaningful to you then recovered it years later?


Photo via ElvertBarnes/Flickr


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